Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Warwick UCU sends message of solidarity to 9 March group in Egypt

Greetings to the courageous people of Egypt and to the 9 March group who have struggled for freedom on Egyptian university campuses. We stand in solidarity with you and your demands for freedom, dignity, social justice and a decent livelihood. Your courage in standing up to your dictatorial regime and its brutal police is an inspiration to the world, including members of the University and College Union (UCU)—the union of university academics and administrators at Warwick University.
You have led the way to a new future in the Middle East, where governments respect the aspirations of their people and no longer repress them and steal from them. We honour and remember the hundreds of people who sacrificed their lives and the many more who were injured, arrested or tortured during your revolution. We support you as you continue to build social justice and political freedoms in your countries.

University and College Union, University of Warwick branch, https://www.warwickucu.org.uk/

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