Saturday, 19 February 2011

Solidarity appeal from the independent Egyptian Property Tax Collectors'

'We brought the workers onto the streets and the regime cracked'

When I spoke in London two years ago, I said 'in Egypt the workers'
movement is opening the door of freedom.' Now we have seen that come
Mubarak going has opened the door to trade union freedom here. And we
support freedom around the world.

For so many years we were doing it on our own, fighting against a police

state, and all the official trade unions were tools of the government.
we'll have free trade unions, free opinion and free political parties.
we went out to the workers, that was the turning point in this
We went to the factories and offices and told people the truth. We
the workers onto the streets and the regime cracked.

We want to thank you for your solidarity. We learnt from your struggles.
still need your support. We're not talking about money, but about
solidarity. Above all we want to learn together, to exchange ideas to
our common struggle.

Tarek Mustafa, National Treasurer, RETAU
Cairo 11 February 2011

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